our craft.

Precision Dental Lab is an Official Sirona Dental Laboratory. Aside from Sirona, we also utilize high quality producing machinery by well known manufacturers like Ney, NDI, VITA, Ivoclar Vivadent, and more. By combining years of experience and expertise with unmatched service, we produce incomparable results that leaves our clients happy. Please refer to the list below for services that we offer. If you don't see a service that you need in the list below, please call us to find out if we provide it.




Semi Precious**

High Noble White*

High Noble Yellow*


Full Gold Crown

Full Gold Inlay/Onlays

Gold Post Precious*

Post Non-Precious


Metal FREE

e.max® Crowns

e.max® Veneers

e.max® Inlay/Onlays

e.max® Pressed to Zirconia

Celtra® Duo Veneers

Celtra® Duo Crowns

Celtra® Duo Inlay/Onlays

Zirconia Layered

High Translucent Zirconia

Extra Translucent Zirconia

Katana™ Anterior Zirconia

Composite Inlay/Onlays


crown & bridge extras

Precision Temporaries PMMA

Metal Post

Sculpture Post

Porcelain Margin 180°/360°

Fit to Partial

Rest/Rest Under Partial

Reduction Coping

Diagnostic Wax-Up

Prep Guide

Metal Occlusal/Lingual



*Layered Technique*

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain PJC's



Milled Abutments

Titanium Hybrid Abutments

Stock Abutments

Custom UCLA Abutments

Cement Retained

Screw Retained



Full Upper/Lower Denture

Base Plate (w/ Bite Block is available)

Reline Full Denture (Hard/Soft)

Custom Tray Acrylic

Custom Tray Vacuum

Re-Secure Teeth to Denture/Partial

Add to Broken Flange/Replace Flange

Repair Crack(s) or Break(s)

Bleaching Tray

custom extras

Custom Shade (In Lab/In Your Office)

Custom Stain (In Lab/In Your Office)



Cast Metal (Premium is available)

Metal Free

Valplast™ (w/ Metal Frame is available)

Frame (w/ Bite Block is available)

Acrylic Partial


Removable extras

Weld or Solder Joint

Ball Clasp

Clasp (1/2)

Clasp w/ Rest

Wire Reinforcement

P.D. Attachment

Splints/Sports Guards

Nightguards Hard/Soft




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